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Siberian anarchist Igor Podshivalov (1962 - 2006)

Posted on: 16th August 2006

Igor Podshivalov, probably the most well-known siberian anarchist, died at the age of 44 in Shelekhov, Irkutsk region after a car accident.

Igor Podshivalov was born on the 2nd of August 1962. In 1981, being a philology student in Irkutsk university, he created an anarchist commune and published essays on Bakunin and Kropotkin in samizdat (self-published) magazines "Archivarius" and "Svecha" (Candle).
In 1988 Podshivalov was one of the founders of Socialist club - the first legal organisation which included anarchists in Irkutsk. Then he participated in the creation of Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists (KAS) and in all of its conferences (including Baikal conference of siberian anarchists in summer 1990) when the confederation was active (from late 1989 until mid-1990s).
In Irkutsk in late 1980s Podshivalov participated in defending of house on Fourier street, from which the authorities wanted to evict people. There was a criminal case against the defendants, followed by a hunger strike and a meeting with a governor.
In spring 1991 Podshivalov was one of the people who organised collecting food and money for the Kuzbass strikers' committees. In August 1991 he was in Moscow, on the barricades near the White house with other anarchists.
In mid-1990 he was travelling to anti-nuclear camps in Volgodonsk, Rostov region (1997), Temelin, Czech Republic (1997) and Kola peninsula (1998).
For many years Podshivalov has been working as a journalist. His articles appeared in anarchist publications like "Svecha", "Obschina" (Commune), "KAS-Contact", "Volya" (Freedom or Will), "Sibirsky Trakt" (Siberian Road), "Pryamaya Rech" (Direct Speech) as well as in many newspapers of Irkutsk region. He is also an author of a book about siberian rebellions against bolshevik power, which is not published yet.

On the 4th of August Igor was hit by a car near Shelekhov town in Irkutsk region. He got numerous injuries, including brain damage, and died on the 8th of August.

Written and translated by russian and siberian anarchist comrades, using informations from the websites and
Pictures of Igor here -
Links to some of Podshivalov's articles (in Russian) can be found here -

On a tragic coincidence, another anarchist activist named Nastya died in Irkutsk on the 4th of August after she got hit by a train. Nastya was playing bass in a hardcore-punk band, participated in local Food Not Bombs group and in antifascist activities.

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