*The entire community of Chechen refugees - more than 200 people in total, not including children - living temporarily in Poland went on a hunger strike for 7 days, with very little media resonance. They are demanding admission of all refugees that are waiting on Belarus/Polish border, the end of humiliating treatment by border police, and decent living conditions in the refugee centers. -Zaczek

*Polish anarchists are planning a border camp action for the middle of July. The action will take place on the Polish- Ukrainian-Slovak border.

*Again Anarchist Federation organised campaign of protest against deportations, closing the borders and immigration policy of EU and our government. In November there were several pickets and propaganda work in Polish cities. In Bialystok about 40 people came to demonstrate near border guard barracks against racism and immigration policy of government. Leaflets were distributed, black-red banners were waved, speeches given. Police arrived and demanded to disband demo. After some verbal fighting, in spite of lack of will of resistance people slowly started to go home. Media did some press coverage. Unfortunately we don't have actual info about actions in all cities, but we know that there were actions in Poznan, Wroclaw and Warszawa. - Soja

*The Anarchist Federation organized a large NO ONE IS ILLEGAL protest in Warsaw on the first day of spring. Over 300 people attended.


After the banquet demo in Krakow, 19 people were arrested for a short while. One anarchist remained in jail for 3 months.He had an axe in his backpack and is accused of attempted murder on a policeman, or only attack. The name of the guy is Adam Mucha, aged 25. There has been a lot of international support for Adam Mucha.
Thanks to a benefit techno party in Warsaw organised by the Anarchist Federation, half of the money needed for Mucha's lawyer was raised. The lawyers efforts have been fruitful, as the attempted murder charges were dropped, Mucha was released but is still facing for minor misdemeanors.
The mayor of Krakow said in a press conference that he'll no longer tolerate anarchists as "folklore", and will press the charges.
The Anarchist Federation section Krakow replied with their own press conference, where they said they are not afraid of state repressions, and that the mayor and his clique have proved on more than one occasion that they break the law by forcing courts to follow political guidelines, and using paid provocateurs to frame activists opposing a government based on theft of public money. "The police is used - as always - to protect the rich thieves from the poor" - they said. "Politicians act on their old habits from the communist system, where a clique of bureaucrats was dividing among themselves influences and profits."
FA-ABC-Krakow sent money for daily expenses in the prison shop to Adam Mucha. Several blockades of the jail's gate were conducted, and were successful in disrupting the peace inside the jail. Adam was well treated by other inmates and the guards. Inmates usually respect those who are accused of attempts on the life of cops. (Zaczek)


On 25th may in Warsaw, the Anarchist Federation organised a Food not Bombs party in a park,
about 60-80 homeless came. An expensive hotel in the neighbourhood was saved from trashing by the too leisurely atmosphere of the picnic. Local papers wrote how incredible it is that anarchists for once are not begging for change to buy food, but are buying food themselves to give it to others. (Zaczek)


Group of anti-fascists from Bialystok took part in anti-fascist week in Oranienburg/Germany. There were a lot of concerts, meetings, workshops. Polish people also helped with kitchen and security job. Small group of nazis tried to disrupt event a few times, but weren't brave enough to attack openly because of very good security of the camp. Polish antifas got some very interesting contacts and much experience in combating Nazis. Some of them also took part in 1st May Antifa demo in Hellesdorf/Berlin and revolutionary demo in Kreuzberg/Berlin which ended in a big street fight with police.

On 29th April there was a squatter demo in Berlin. About 1500 people participated, among them some Polish anarchists from various cities. Demo went peaceful, with speeches, nice soundsystems etc. Action was organised for solidarity with Berlin squats and wagenburgs and against plans of eviction of one of the biggest wagenburg in Berlin.

About 100 anarchist participated in traditional 1st May anarchist demonstration in Krakow. After speeches on the main market and some talks with the gathered people, anarchist tried to move to prison, where one of our comrades, Adam Mucha was sitting, waiting for a trial. March had been stopped a few streets later by the police. Some of anarchists managed to break through cordon, but because there were only few of them they've returned to the main demo. After much walking and avoiding police, cops finally closed anarchos in the trap in small street. Beatings started, eggs were thrown on pigs and some hand-to-hand fights erupted. Funny thing was that police were so engaged in beating, that they've attacked even cop in civil uniform hah hah... 14 people got arrested, 2 cops and one anarchist injured, one police car a little bit damaged. One guy from Warszawa will face charges for property damage (jumping on police car?). More info soon.

Small group of people from anarchist Federation took part in debate about European Union in parliament (!). They've presented anti-EU views, put many stickers in parliament building and leaflets in senate member's boxes. Security of the parliament were extremely angry about it, they even opened all boxes and removed leaflets. They've also big problems about it because they haven't prevented anarchist from doing it. (hah!) Anarchist performance got biggest marks from participants and observers. Some people may think that it was strange for
anarchist to participate in a such event, but it was good occasion to show that many people don't like EU and make
some provocation.

In May, new founded squat in Wroclaw (after the eviction of famous Rejon 69 and other squat) had been attacked by the large group of hooligans, among them many cops in civil uniforms. They've arrested some people, beaten rest and generally made a big mess. Squatters discovered that it wasn't legal action of Wroclaw police. Cops participating were those guys who made illegal raids on Rejon 69 and were sued by the squatters. Wroclaw activists think that it was some kind of revenge and attempt to grid down squatter movement in Wroclaw. But squat remained in their hands and is still alive and kicking!